Be inspired, not jealous of others

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Be inspired and not jealous of others

I was recently a finalist in the sunshine coast business awards. While I was slightly disappointed, for a couple of hours, not to be a winner on the night, what I realised was as I listened to all the winners grace that stage, that my journey had only just begun.

The winners were outstanding and inspiring. If I take nothing else away from this process it is that there will always be things you can do to push yourself to be better and to do better.

I am so thrilled for all winners, and I thank them deeply for inspiring me to continue to improve my current business.

Just because you don’t take the top prize does not mean you are not worthy. Look at those holding the trophy and see with clear eyes, not clouded by jealously or judgment, as to what makes them incredible and learn from them.
I am excited to do this all again next and, while I still may not win what I do know is that I will be even better than where I stand right now at this point in time.

Honest self-reflection leads to improvement and that is something to look forward to! Be open to the process and great things will come!

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