It’s okay to not be okay – but ask for help

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It's okay to not be okay - but ask for help

People often fall short of their goals due to their own personal challenges.

Experiencing hardship can impact your dreams and goals and make you less motivated to keep chasing them.

One of the things I address a lot with my clients is ways in which they can overcome adversity so they can focus on their goals and achieve the life they always wanted.

In my book, ‘It’s how you think’,  I tell my very personal story of losing people I have loved through tragic circumstances, the friends I have lost through suicide and how I overcame four knee reconstructions and two broken ankles.

Learning to focus on what you can control is something we all must learn to do. When faced with adversity there are so many things that will be out of your control, so it’s important to learn to control the controllable.

Speaking about your feelings with your support network and family and friends, about what you are experiencing, is also crucial as it will help you to avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation.

It is important to acknowledge that it is ok to not be ok, so if you are not coping with what is going on in your life to please utilize all the support you have in your network or contact a therapist for help – because there is always help available if you are willing to ask for it.

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