Keep on keeping on!

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Keep on keeping on!

Over the years, I have seen many people achieve incredible life-changing results. However, when faced with adversity, or a situation beyond their control, they reverted to old patterns resulting in all of their hard work and gains being undone.

Whether it be working on personal, career or health goals it is hard to watch things unravel so it’s important to be aware of your actions and reset your mindset every day when faced with adversity.

When things are really challenging break your goals down into daily goals to minimise the overwhelm you may be experiencing.

To keep moving forward it is important to feel you are achieving goals – even if they are very small ones.

Keep your daily routine as close to normal as you can. Eat properly and continue to exercise (even if it’s a walk around the block). You must keep turning up to your day.

This is important because once you lose your routine, and inconsistency sets in, your discipline will disappear soon after.

So, control the controllable, make simple and achievable lists of what you need to do each day and make choices that you know are good for you and you will be back on track before you know it.

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