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Body by Leon is located in Kawana on the Sunshine Coast and offers personal training or a dedicated online coaching? Body by Leon will help you achieve your Fitness Goals, Nutrition Plans and Contest Preparation. Train in my private, fitness centre in Warana. For Men and Women of all fitness levels. Whether your goal is to simply lose weight or be on stage in a competition I have the tools and knowledge to get you in peak condition.


Stay fit and get in shape with Body by Leon’s personal training on the Sunshine Coast. Online coaching is also available.

Mind Set

The first stage in achieving your goals is by first having a positive mind set and training yourself to believe you can do it.


Through hard work, staying motivated and being consistent with your training will allow you to achieve your desired physique.


Personalised nutrition plans to ensure you have a sustainable weight management plan for life long health and fitness benefits.

Lifting with Leon

Tips, tricks and lifting videos

Heart, Passion Makes Helping People Effortless
Don't Just Ask, Observe
Passion is King
Unless we are truely gracious ,You will never be happy
Give More, Take Less
Don't Just Hear, Listen

Personal Training for Men and Women on the Sunshine Coast

Contact me today to arrange a training session in my private training facility or more information.

Address: 2 / 18 Premier Circuit, Warana QLD 4575


Get the most out of your training

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Are you looking to change your life? Have you been struggling to lose those stubborn extra few kilos? I can help  get you achieve your goals with essential knowledge and nutritional recommendations based on over 20 years industry experience in the competitive bodybuilding circuit. Click below to learn more.

Real People, Real Results

Tried and tested methods to help you reach your goal

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I’m Leon Stensholm

Who am I and what do I do you ask?

I have been in the health and fitness industry for well over a decade now and a competitor on stage for the past 9 years. A life time drug free athlete that lives and breathes body building and body building is my passion, my life and simply it’s what I do. I love working with people helping them achieve their dreams. Using a positive approach to help bring the best out in people. Believing in yourself, backing yourself and by having a positive mind set can set anyone up for a successful career  in body building and life in general.

We are not all blessed with great genetics but through hard work, dedication, commitment, a will to succeed, again a positive mind set and a strong belief, we can all be great. I am definitely not one who was built with great genetics but I have a strong mind set and a real positive take on life that I use in  body building to allow me to be where I am today.

Be positive and believe in your self and you can achieve anything.

Body by Leon is in the process of building a legendary Team.

Warm regards,
Leon Stensholm

  • 1st Place: DARWIN CLASSIC ICN Mens
  • 1st Place: DARWIN CLASSIC ICN Masters
  • 1st Place: SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL  Masters
  • 1st Place: TOWNSVILLE CLASSIC ICN Masters
  • 1st Place: TOWNSVILLE CLASSICICN Under 77kg
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