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from $70 per week

Are you looking to change your life and achieve the results and body you’ve always wanted? My online coaching delivers training and nutritional programs which are highly effective, combined with my support and guidance to help you reach your desired body composition. With a very quick response time to any questions you have along the way. I’ll help you every step of the way with full online support, tips and tricks backed by over 20 years in the industry. Body by Leon creates champions and has done so continuously each year. With a team that’s known for being extremely lean with quality muscle. If you’re serious about your physique this is the package for you.


from $70 per week (min 12 weeks)



*I need a minimum of 12 weeks of your commitment and dedication to make real changes in your life. Contact me if you prefer to pay another way.

What’s Included?

To reach your goal you need a dedicated coach. Whether your goal is to simply look fit or compete on stage I can help you get there! My online coaching will give you the tools and knowledge to reach your goal and also maintain your physique. You will receive a fully customised training plan as well as a fully customised macro nutrition guide. Plus weekly check-ins and any advice you need to get you looking your best!


  • View on all devices including your mobile!
  • Take it with you to your next gym workout!
  • 7 day training plan – custom to your level of fitness (beginners to advanced)
  • Easy to follow exercises to target specific muscle groups
  • Training guide customised for your body type
  • Custom plans targeted towards specific goals – gain muscle, shred body fat, lean muscle
  • Training plans focusing on weights, repetitions, sets, progression, strength etc
  • Professional advice from Leon (Over 20 years experience)
  • 24/7 email support direct from Leon Stensholm
  • Weekly goals,  check-ins and training targets


  • View on all devices including your mobile!
  • Printer friendly, put it on your fridge!
  • Customised macros based on gender, targets, current weight, specific goals
  • Tracking daily macros to achieve targets – weight loss, muscle mass, lean muscle etc
  • Customised nutrition guide, what to eat and when to eat it
  • Reverse dieting, cutting / bulking – adjusting macros to achieve desired body composition
  • Supplement / vitamin recommendations
  • Quick response to your questions and experienced advice
  • Weekly check ins and adjustments
  • 24/7 email support direct from Leon Stensholm


  • Recomposer is software developed to get you ripped!
  • Track using your phone, pc, laptop, tablet
  • Customised target max lifts
  • Weekly adjustments if needed

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