Leon Stensholm started body building in 2001 after suffering a number of injuries that would end his promising soccer career. It quickly transpired that what Leon lacked in muscle, was made up for in spades by the sheer grit and determination he focused on his new sport.

Committed to natural body building Leon has now been participating in the sport for the past 18 years with multiple Australian and Australasia titles to his name. During this time he has competed over 65 times, coached hundreds of clients with over 100 first places and multiple pro cards awarded.

Six years ago, following the suicide of his best mate and brother Dean, Leon decided to pursue his dreams and founded Bodybyleon Coaching and Personal Training. So committed to helping people to totally transform their body and mind Leon has also completed a Diploma in Counselling and written his first book, ‘It`s how you think’.

Leon operates from his gym where he trains, mentors and coaches clients, in one on one sessions that are individually designed for each client and completely private. These closed training sessions are perfect for sports athletes and clients with public profiles seeking privacy and confidentiality when working out.

Leon works with a wide range of clients, all with their own unique goals, from professional athletes, to everyday people looking to achieve their personal health goals. Leon is particularly passionate about working with those who suffer from mental health concerns and gives his time freely to work in the community on suicide prevention, as part of The Alliance for suicide Prevention.

In order to get the best out of people Leon uses cognitive behavioural therapy methods and provides a framework in which they can work towards achieving goals and transform their life. Leon is a passionate, energetic speaker whose enthusiasm and love for life is incredibly contagious. He engages and connects easily with all types of people and leaves his audiences energised and motivated.