Training and intensity

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Training and intensity

When it comes to training many people often fall short of their goals. However, it’s not always to do with how often you train. Often it is due to the lack of intensity applied to that training.

By intensity I mean the amount of energy invested into the training session. It can also refer to the amount of load you lift.

To force muscles to develop, the stimuli must be progressive over time to force them to grow. No overload equals no progression.

To see improvement, you should have a structured training plan that is allowing you to make small improvements and progress weekly. Progression weekly, over a year, will ensure you see a drastic improvement in your results.

However, you must have patience. You need to remain dedicated, consistent, and disciplined to achieve the goal.

Results are rarely linear, and life will always happen, so it’s important you keep striving towards your goal even on the days you do not want to.

Stop chasing instant gratification, enjoy the journey, increase your intensity weekly and reap the results that will follow.

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