Why goal setting is important

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Why goal setting is important

Goal setting is something you hear time and again as people remind us of the importance of striving to achieve something we have set our sights on.

Why do we set goals? And what advantages does having a goal or goals give us?

Goals give us purpose and a reason to get up every day. Goals within goals keep us motivated, stimulated, and moving forward.

The reason for this is that progression makes us feel accomplished and happy, so achieving goals improves our mental well-being and sense of achievement.

When we achieve goals, it gives us confidence, self-belief and motivation.

There will be times when your goal remains out of reach. When this happens it is important to re-evaluate, readjust and refocus. Over the years I have learnt that in your pursuit of a goal there will be a lot of trial and error and as a result, you will learn skills that will ultimately make you more successful.

Keep chasing your goals and never quit. Be consistent, disciplined and persistent. Learn to embrace being uncomfortable as you undergo growth – when you do this you will achieve goals you never thought possible.

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