Why mindset matters

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Why mindset matters

There is always a reason for a client’s lack of results and often it is either their enthusiasm or their motivation.

Great coaching means looking past the obvious. If a client isn’t adhering to a program that will achieve the results they are after, there is often more to the problem than meets the eye. The psychology around coaching is one of the most important aspects of training someone.

You cannot simply draw up a plan and expect a client to follow it if they are potentially suffering from anxiety, depression or simply cannot get their priorities in order to look after their own self-care needs.

Great coaching is not just counting reps. A great coach will listen to their clients and let them have a voice – it may be the one time of the week they are actually heard.

By listening to and observing your client, week after week, you are able to better read your client’s mindset at each session and make adjustments where necessary. This will help you, as the coach, to get the best out of your client, which in turn increases your chances of getting them the results they pay you for.

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