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So Leon has asked me to give a testimony. Was not going to, due to its serious nature and fear of what others may think but after Grace’s quote ” it’s not weak to speak”, here I go….

Last January I tried to commit suicide. Luckily I was found in time however I was not happy about that and so for the whole of last year I drank.. Heavily. I think it was another way to kill myself. I was very sick mentally. I was utterly lost and no part of my former self existed. I grew up as a dancer and sprinter and had been a bikini model in my early 20’s but drinking 3/4 bottle of jack Daniels and coke a night saw me put on weight and I was for the first time 60kg. I did however wont to get better as my four kids deserved more so after my good friends Nikki and Brad Saunders started seeing a new trainer at Ezyfit Kawana and had amazing results, I decided to ask for his help.

I started with Leon in November but not consistently until December I saw a bikini mommas promo and commented how id like to look like that and Leon said he could get me there. I wasn’t sure but decided to have a go. My 19 week prep was not ideal as apart from having to face my demons I had a traumatic personal issue that constantly sidelined me and had me having occasional drinking binges but Leon’s caring yet straight shooting coaching had me keep getting up and I made it to the end and even placed 5 th in bikini diva 30+!

My goal in the comp was always to obtain a healthy mind again and I surpassed that . I conquered my bad drinking habit, lost 13kg, 12 cm off my waist and I feel at peace once again with a fire I’m my belly to become all I can be. I could not have done it without Leon and I’m eternally grateful

Cheers Angie

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