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Sandy Laurence

Update 13/07/2015 I first started training with Leon back in June 2013. I needed a PT to get me fit and ready for Tough Mudder in August, and Leon got me over the that Wall, but that wasn’t the end, the more results I saw each week the more driven and motivated I became. With […]


Here’s another great friend and client who wants to remain anonymous. She has attained great results from very strict macro tracking.Its been tough for her,as her natural metabolism was so suppressed,that even 10g over her carbs would cease her results.This is even more reason why i’m so happy for her achieving such an amazing physique […]


Meet Callan.. One of the hardest trainers around, not 2 mention all round top bloke. Iv been working with Callan for 5months and he looks amazing. I’m not showing u a garbage pic of someone building 10kg of muscle in 10 weeks, I’m showing you consistency, persistence, dedication and realism of natural athletes!! Callan my […]

My Comparison

I believe its essential in an off season to get your carbs up as high as possible if you consider doing a cut at some point!! Yes I got a little out of shape in winter but it allowed me to get carbs to 600g daily. After 5 weeks dropping carbs to just under 500, […]


Hey all, Here’s another fantastic transformation from great friend Rachel. Rachel has her own great journey,from a higher cardio background,we changed things around with some heavy power training,tracked her food and then Rachel droped 8kg.. We now have doubled her food,dramatically increased muscle while still holding weight and she now looks incredible.. Total credit to […]


How often do you hear those words I’m a hard gainer’ and cant grow muscle??? I answer this too often, It’s rubbish folks. We all can build. Look at Jules,she has double the food intake on the right with a lot more muscle not to mention leaner.. Although I did fail to mention her training […]


So Leon has asked me to give a testimony. Was not going to, due to its serious nature and fear of what others may think but after Grace’s quote ” it’s not weak to speak”, here I go…. Last January I tried to commit suicide. Luckily I was found in time however I was not […]


It was a chance meeting, my husband and I, only just, attended a seminar held at Ezyfit and met Leon. Having always been overweight we nervously enlisted on an 8wk spring challenge to get out of the unhealthy lifestyle we were living. We didn’t stop at 8wks,10months on and nearly twenty kilos lighter I’m a […]


I just want to talk here about little Jules… I’ve worked with Julie now for 6 months,I never ever claim that results come easy,or instantly.In natural bodybuilding it just doesn’t,but it does and will happen and can be much easily maintained. This is the result of dedication,tracking macros and heavy weight training like dead lifts, […]

Training with Ryan Doris

I love this pic with my mate and I…World champion bodybuilder and all round amazing guy, Ryan Doris in our off season. I’m not the biggest fan off that word bulk, there’s never any reason you cant stay in a reasonable condition all year round. Sure it’s hard to stay super lean and build muscle, […]


This is great mate, client and 1 crazy hard arse trainer Kai.Kai came to me on minimal food and very minimal heavy weight training with a lot of cardio. Now Kai’s food has over doubled, cardio is to a minimum and now just focuses on hard training ,tracking macros and food increases weekly/fortnightly. Kai,to say […]