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Mark Ettridge

Mark Ettridge

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to Leon Stensholm from Body by Leon.

I am 35 years old and and have trained in a gym on and off since turning 17 only to see slight changes in my appearance. I saw Leon at a body building show he was competing in when i commented on how little body fat he was carrying. He replied you too could get lean, though after years of training and what i thought was having a good diet i never got close to looking anything like i wanted too and doubted that i could and put it down to Leon just being one of the naturally gifted athletes. I was happy to listen to Leon though with the hope of seeing changes though still sceptical.

Leon first up explained to me how to track my macros a word I had not even heard of before this. Within weeks of tracking my macros and hitting them as he set out I was starting to see instant results which was enough to keep me focused and wanting more with constant reassurance and overwhelming support from Leon he made slight changes to my diet with instant changes at times. Within as little as 16 weeks i found i had lost 17kg dropping from 96kg to 80kg and with a body fat measurement of 3.04% something i thought i would never be able to achieve.

It is with all my gratitude i would like to thank Leon for his time and effort he has put into me to see me reach my goals in such a short time frame after years of trying. Leon got me to the point where i was comfortable to even take to the stage in a novice physique show which was just another experience i thought would not be possible. Spending the day back stage with Leon it was evident to see the respect he has earned from his peers within the industry not only from his knowledge he posses within this field but due to the hard work and dedication he has shown whilst training and competing himself, and always conducting himself in a manner he could only be respected for.

Your knowledge and passion for the industry is clear for everyone to see but it is your personalised service and shared passion you have to see your clients succeed which is second to none. I can without doubt say i would never have seen these results without being under your guidance and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Cheers Mark Ettridge

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