Move it – to lose it!

By June 30, 2022No Comments

Move it - to lose it!

We know that nutrition and exercise play a big role when trying to lose weight – yet there is one factor we often overlook and that is lifestyle.
For many of us, our lifestyle now revolves around meetings, office work and long hours, leading to a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

This is a problem when you are wanting to lose weight as fat loss is purely about energy in versus energy out.

If your energy in (calories being consumed) is higher than what you are using it’s inevitable you will gain weight.

So, if you move more, you will improve your output of energy so it overrides the energy you are consuming.

An easy way you can add movement to a sedentary lifestyle is, when making phone calls, to put on your headphones and walk.

Another thing to do is to count your steps. This makes you move more to hit your targets each day, in much the same way you need to make budgets and deadlines at work.

Aim to move more and not only will you drop body fat, but you will also feel more energised, and generally feel better about yourself, physically and mentally.

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