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Body by Leon Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast

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Body by Leon Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast

Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast

Need a personal trainer on the Sunshine Coast?

All my personal training sessions are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and intensity….

  • I`m not just hear to be your personal trainer,  I`m also here to be your coach and mentor as well.
  • I do not believe in just training clients, I also look after all your nutrition requirements and programs to make sure we achieve your goals.
  • I will train you on a flexible style eating plan to enable you to maintain your achieved condition life long.
  • I`m so passionate about what I do, its all about my clients.
  • I will move heaven and earth to achieve your goals in a healthy matter, no drugs required, just hard work and dedication.

We will work as a team to get the end result!!

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