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Strength and Hypertrophy

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Strength and Hypertrophy

Hey all you muscle heads,
Just a little something to think about that I learn`t from the guru, Eric Helms…

Does it really matter if you train at a range of say 5×5 or say 3×10 in order to produce hypertrophy?

We would generally think that at 5 x 5 we would be training for strength and at 3 sets of 10 reps we would be training for hypertrophy (muscle growth). At the end of the session is the telling factor! We look at overall volume of the session to determine our progress. If at 5 x 5 we lifted 60kg per set which is a total of 1500kg and at 3 x 10 we lifted 50kg, both sessions now have a total of 1500kg, so muscle hypertrophy would be basically the same.

Sure, at 5 x 5 you would be slightly better at handling heavier loads and at 3 x 10 you would be better at training through fatigue, but the end of the day the muscle size gained would be similar…

Happy lifting muscle heads…..

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