Tarnya Cowley

testimonial_tarnya_cowleyLately I’ve felt a bit down and out. Tired. Stressed. Unmotivated. Unhappy with myself. I felt as if I was getting no where with my training. My sister started personal training with me about 4 weeks ago and I suggested she should take progress photos of herself. Before and after. It will help motivate. Then I figured I should do it with her. Help her along her journey. Even though I don’t like photos of myself. Then last night I took another progress photo and was really surprised at the difference just 4 weeks can make. It gave me back that confidence and strive I’d been missing! If this is the change in just 4 weeks – then just imagine what you could look like after a few months of hard work, dedication and healthy eating. Thank you Leon Stensholm for helping me with my fitness journey for the past year! For pushing and motivating me.