The importance of protein in fat loss

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The importance of protein in fat loss

When recovering from illness or injury or when trying to build muscle Protein is incredibly important.

But did you know that protein is also the key to weight loss?

Protein has what we call has a high thermal effect of food (TEF). TEF helps us burn more calories at rest. If we burn more calories at rest, we can burn more fat daily.

The thermal effect on carbohydrates is only around five per cent and with fat, it is approximately three per cent. However, with protein, it is closer to 30%.

This percentage difference is significant and explains why diets moderately high in protein are much more beneficial for fat loss.

Fibre also has a great TEF like Protein so eat your fruits and vegetables along with your proteins and you are on the path to a healthier lifestyle and a much better ability to maintain your weight.

But if weight loss is your goal, look at increasing your protein to around two grams per kilo as a starting point and increase to two and a half grams per kilo if you have a more intense training routine.

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