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The power of connections

The power of connections

If there is one thing that I have confirmed while running my 8-week Wellness program for young people is that while some of us have connections, family and friends, there is still an astounding number of people who don’t.

What is clear to me is that every one of these kids wants and needs to be heard. We all need a friend, and we all need a mentor or family to help guide us through the tough times because no one can get through life alone.

So often the problems we face stem from having a lack of connections to lean on when life is challenging or hard. Disconnection from society and self-isolation during challenging times will not solve your problems which is why doing the complete opposite and staying connected is essential so that you get the support you need.

Over these past weeks, I have seen new connections and new friendships being made, despite the fact many of these kids were anxious. This in turn re-ignited their drive for life. In many cases, it brought a smile back to a young face – that had not been seen for some time.

Having good, solid connections are critical in helping you get through tough times. Don’t retract when things get tough. Find someone you know will have your back and help you through it. Stay connected, reach out and you will find there are many people willing to pull you through if you are brave enough to ask.

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