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Counting Macros

Hi guys here’s a very simple guide to counting macros….

Now, remember this is just my take, there’s no right or wrong in this world, this is the way I choose to work that achieves the best results, I feel. So here we have it! Tracking macros most of us know Macros simply are Fats, Proteins and Carbs.

  • Fats: Essential for healthy bodily function, organs, brain and assist in vitamin absorption.
  • Carbs: Simply for energy,can also be muscle sparing
  • Proteins: Build and repair muscle,also prevent muscle loss.
  • Fibre: Is a carb simply put,that slows down food absorption,decreases blood cholesterol and increase fullness/satiety.


This is the biggest question. OK, Reason being, yes you will loose weight if you just count calories and you are in a calorie deficit, that’s a given ie: eating less food than you burn off. But the quality of the weight is what we are looking at here. eg: Inadequate protein during a calorie deficit may cause you to loose muscle mass and muscle has a big impact on our metabolism, more muscle, higher metabolic rate, the leaner and better we get and look. Too low carbs will effect performance and our overall look, effect our energy levels and also run the risk of not having the carbs to protect our protein/muscle. To low fats can impact negatively on our health, joints, organs, brain function and hormone levels, which again effect our fat burning ability… So now you see (hopefully), yes you can loose weight counting calories, but that’s not the main goal, preserving muscle is goal 1 to have a much more appealing physique. For that, counting calories aren’t enough. You need to track macros to look your best, maintain muscle, know what’s going exactly in your body and to have a much healthier metabolism. You don’t need to track macros for ever, this will simply make you be aware off portion sizes, how to eat, what type off foods to eat, how to in incorporate the individual macros into your nutrition….

Example here of macro tracking say OATS -If i was to have 50g carbs for breakfast,when you look at the Oats label, it says per 100g weight equals 56g carbs, I would simply weigh just under 100g weight to equal my carb macro intake… Simple hey! You also must take into consideration the protein and fat content also. These also count in your daily macros. In this serving of oats, there also around 8g fat and 12g protein, you must count these in your daily fats and protein also. Hopefully this helps a few off you out there that are tearing your hair out looking for answers.

Warm regards

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